Basic dominance ‘by default’

What do we mean ‘dominance by default’? Dogs will automatically take charge if they feel there is no person or other dog in charge. That is why it is ‘by default’. The dog does not necessarily want to be in charge, but somebody has to be in charge.

So you see your dog barking at other dogs, then running behing you. Guarding you. Unless you want this particular behavior, you will need to take charge, and it is a fairly simple concept that deals with true leadership.

Your dog needs to know that you always have its back. If you are in a situation where you know your dog will be unsure around a person or another dog, step between the two and take charge. You are the leader and nothing will happen to your dog. Let your dog’s greeting of people and other dogs be your dog’s idea. If your dog is unsure, but you think that it will be a good thing for it to ‘meet’ other dogs and push them together, you are really only demonstrating that you are not protecting your dog. Dog thinks “Owner not protecting me, I guess its up to me to protect me.”

A good leader, in every sense, knows that a common best interest makes a great team. Sports – the team wants to win, work- the company wants to make money. Dogs want security and stability.   Your job as leader to provide it.

Once you have trust from your dog – trust that you will always watch out for its best interests, you will have gained a faithful member of your pack.