Rascal had a one-week stay with Zen dogs. The rascal we sent was unmanageable, the Rascal that returned was calm and understood boundaries. I can actually enjoy my dog now. We are beyond pleased with the results!  
Nicole R. West U., Houston
Before we worked with John we really felt at a complete loss as to how we could train our new puppy.  We have two terriers both of whom are very willful and full of spunk.  While I had read plenty of books about training dogs, I was incapable of translating what I read into real life situations.  Our time with John completely changed that.  He empowers you as a dog owner to bring about positive changes in your dog.  Within minutes of his first training session you will see improvements in your dog's behavior and demeanor.  We are so grateful that we got to work with John.
Jennifer B. Houston TX
I am so thankful to have found Zen Dogs. The training is second to none, with the reward system your dog will be a star in no time, ( no ugly shock collars used by Zen Dogs ) only treats and love. Not only is the training great for the dogs, They give you the hands on training too in your own home if required making it an easy painless experience for you and your treasured ones. I would trust no one else with my dogs now that I have found Zen Dogs. I can truly relax now when I'm out of town knowing my dogs are in good hands when , whether its just for a refresher course in obedience or boarding Zen dogs is the place for our girls.  
Lindsay R. The Woodlands TX
I just wanted to tell you how much Annye learned yesterday due to your training in the heat and mosquitoes. Lucas was a very positive influence for Annye. I noticed her watching Lucas's reaction to your commands and I think she has a better appreciation of the dog world now. We went to the dog store this morning and she behaved magnificently and had numerous compliments. Look forward to seeing you again in a couple of months.
Dr. Bob and Bev R. Spring TX
John did an amazing job with our rescue, Maggie. We had tried taking Maggie on runs at the park and walks around our neighborhood but she became unruly and extremely difficult to control whenever other dogs or runners came near. Maggie had even gone so far as to almost bite some runners that came too close to us on a trail a few times. John immediately taught us what we were doing incorrectly on our walks and that it wasn't so much Maggie behaved badly, she just had not been taught how to behave at all. From the instruction and guidance we received, we noticed an immediate improvement from our first session on! Maggie has now progressed to the point we can take her for walks at Memorial where she is surrounded by runners and other dogs and she acts like the perfect princess! We would recommend John wholeheartedly for his help and really appreciate his easy going manner and straightforward instructions. Thank you John!
Bambi C. The Heights, Houston
While Tyson and Bella had already had some previous training- NOTHING compared to what we received while working with John. Talk about doing whatever and whenever it took...he did it. Even though our sessions were supposed to last an hour we often went over to make sure we got the results we needed. John is so passionate about his dogs and his clients it made the time and money more than worth it. As an owner of two pit bulls I now feel more than confident that I can provide the direction they need so that they are well-behaved. Thanks John!
Talia L. Houston
I just want to take a second to say thank you for all the work you did with Bentley. In just the week that he spent with you there has been such a positive change in him. I can only imagine if he had more time with you. Your training program is fantastic. Again Tamara and I would just like to say thank you.
Luke R. Clear Lake, TX
John has given me the tools to work with my 10 month old pup, Allegro.  He is gentle, patient and gives great demonstrations at each of our lessons and Allegro works very hard to please him.   He is a fantastic trainer and educator and his knowledge of animal behavior is invaluable to me.
Ariela A. Houston