My Newest Rescue

About two weeks ago, I was driving out of my neighborhood and I was stopped at a stoplight at a very busy intersection. I heard screeching of tires and honking of horns. Out of the corner of my eye, I saw a little white flash, a tiny dog running through the intersection. I moved my car just off the road, threw it into park, and ran out to grab the little dog. It was completely freaked out and ran away from me directly under a minivan. My stomach went into my throat and I thought the worst. But like a miracle, the van passed over the little white dog, and there he was sitting in the middle of the road unharmed. I took my chance, ran over and snatched him up.


He didn’t try to bite me he just shook and shook and shook. I put them in my car and I turned around and drove back home. When I got home I gave him something to eat, gave him a quick bath to rinse off what looked like weeks of filth, and put him on a dog bed in a crate. I then got back in my car and ran to do the errands I was originally intending to do.


When I got home I took a better look at this dog. Young male, unneutered, very thin, most likely a Bichon or a Bichon/Poodle mix. He had dried and napped by this point, and so I brought him to the vet located just a mile away. When I got there I asked if they would scan for a chip and if they would do a quick fecal for anything like parvo or heartworm and the like. No chip, but at least he was heartworm negative and had no communicative diseases.


I brought him home and took some pictures of him. I figured because he was found so close to my home that any one of my neighbors would know of somebody who was missing this dog. So I put the photos on the neighborhood newsletter, asked that the photos be forwarded to the newsletter for the next neighborhood over, put the photos on my Facebook page as well. Then I started driving around. For three days I drove all over my neighborhood and the two neighborhoods closest to me, looking for any posted signs, looking for any signs at all that somebody was missing this dog. Nothing. Nada.


I gave him the temporary name of Grady, because I had always wanted to have a dog named Grady. But it never seems to really fit. My father suggested Murphy, and surprisingly it seemed like that must’ve been very similar to his name before because he answers to it.


So here we are a few weeks later I have had him neutered, I am putting some meat on his bones, I have started some basic obedience training, and I will teach him a few tricks. He will clean up beautifully, and I will have no problems finding a new family for Murphy. He is an absolute sweetheart, a delight. Whoever dumped him got rid of a diamond in the rough, because I think you will be as close to a perfect pet as there is.


So nothing about training in this blog entry, just a cute story about a great dog that will get a second chance. Keep your eyes open on the Facebook page, because I will post more updates.