Some need some work………Rescue dog Chewey

About two months ago, I was walking my dogs and a trainee. I was passing by the park near my house when I saw a sad wet dog sitting on the steps that go up into the park. He definitely was a terrier mix, but it wasn’t until I got close to him and he took off running that I saw his distinctive tail and hind legs and realized he was a chow mix. He would not let me get close to him and so I took the other dogs home, grabbed a slip lead, and headed back to the park to get him.


Two days of me getting close enough to touch him and him hightailing it away from me was getting frustrating. I took a picture and put it on the email list for my neighborhood. I asked if anybody could wrangle him, please do so and I would pick him up. The next morning I was awake very early as I was going for a run. I saw the dog at 430 in the morning, stopped my car and tried to get him to jump in. But as soon as I got out of my car he recognized me and ran. By the time I was done with my run, I already had a text message saying that my neighbor had got him in his backyard and I could come and get him.


So once again after a vet check up, getting him neutered, and basic obedience training, I have a young man ready to be adopted. This is not to say he doesn’t have a couple issues. Neither of his issues are very difficult to deal with, and hopefully I have eliminated them or at least minimize them. The first issue was his manners. He would grab a paper towel right out of my hand and run away and shred it. He also liked to stand on his hind legs and see what was on the counter. With correction, those have gone away for the most part. I still listen for monkey business when he is in the kitchen by himself, but there have been no ¬†thefts of chicken, cheese or the like. The other problem, which is being dealt with, is that he is mouthy. He does not bite but he mouths an awful lot. When he gets mouthy and I am giving him affection, I immediately stop petting him, turn away from him, and ignore him completely. This has been working very well. He understands now that his mouth will cause the attention to stop. The more difficult problem with his mouth is that he bites at my shoes as I put them on and will even nip at them when I am walking. I am using the same approach with this but it is taking a little bit longer for him to get it. He nips because he is excited, I believe, because me putting on my shoes signifies the beginning of a walk. So when he nips at my feet, I stop walking immediately, look straight ahead and completely ignore him. It is a little bit of pain because I might have to stop two or three times on the way out the door. But it is getting better.


Other than that, he is pretty much perfect. He comes when I call him, he sits when I ask him to, he stops his bad behavior with not much more than a stern word.   (Although he drives Fred my Basset hound insane)


And so I believe Chewey is ready to be adopted. His beautiful Benji-like face will be on my personal Facebook page, my business Facebook page, and on countless flyers around Houston. The boy is so full of love, he just needs a home.