The good news is…..

I love being able to say this to clients, because there is almost always good news. Most often I get to say it when people are and the end of their rope (or leash) trying to get their dogs to walk on a loose leash.

There definitely is a technique to it, and a professional can show you the techniques employed. It will take time, repetition, consistency and patience. But all things are possible, I feel.

What I can say in this short blog is something about your mindset. Almost every time I hold a sessions about walking, I can point out the tension on the leash. This is a response to the dog’s past behavior. People are SO ready for the dog to lunge toward whatever interest it,  that they are already prepared by having the leash pulled back with all their strength.

Just a few things to remember:

1. Whenever you pull a dog away from something, it creates frustration that manifests itself in the dog puller harder toward that thing.

2. When you allow your dog to walk on a loose leash, only correcting when they get to the end of that leash, then you are showing them the reward – which is a loose leash (i.e. a comfortable walk.) If the dog is always on a tight leash, he never learns how nice it is to be relaxed when walking.

3. As you are walking on a loose leash, and you subconsciously tense up the leash, you a giving your dog a cue that something is coming up and to be on the lookout.

4. When your dog walks nicely, PRAISE HIM. Every time! The event for him should be physical comfort associated with affection. It will be in his best interest to wak on a loose leash, why wouldn’t he? If he pulls he is getting corrected every single time. If he does’t pull, his neck feels great and his best friend is loving on him. Make it the easiest decision ion the world for him.

Of course, some dogs are physically stronger than others. Some dogs respond to a collar with a little pinch, some to regular flat collars. This, and the technique,  is where a professional can really help.

The good news is you can enjoy walks with your dog…..