What makes you a leader for your dog?

What makes you a great leader for your dog? If you look at all the great leaders of history, there is one thing they all have in common. The people that follow them feel that this person provides the best chances for survival, success, and prosperity.


As we have already established that dogs will do whatever is in their best interest, we have to make it in the dog’s best interest to listen to our commands. Dogs are survivors. Dogs will do what they need to do to ensure their future. This is why dogs always look for a pack leader. Dog stay with the pack leader that will provide the best chances for survival. Sometimes dominant dogs are dominant because they see a lack of leadership. With the pack mentality, there must be a leader. Make that leader you, or your dog will feel the need to become the leader by default.


I believe that your dogs trust in you as a leader is based on this premise. All the dogs needs are met: physical exercise, mental stimulation, and clear communication. Of course the dogs biological needs are met as well as you feed the dog, take the dog for biological breaks, and give it a affection. But because every time the dog has followed your instructions either something good has happened or nothing bad has happened you will build trust with your dog. I let the dog make the decision to trust me. I asked the dog to do something and if the dog does do it I reward the dog. If the dog does not, he does not get rewarded, but I asked him to do the behavior again. In this way I build trust with my dog. Nothing bad happens to him if he decides not to follow my command but everything great happens to them if he does. And with consistency and repetition the dog just follows my commands because they’ve always served him best. My commands have become what is in his best interest.


I believe the relationship between dog and human should be that of benevolent dictator and subject. I know this sounds funny, but a benevolent dictator is truly concerned with the well-being of his/her subject. ┬áthere is an old expression ” if you treat your dog like a human, your dog will treat you like a dog”. You are the king or queen of your home and you deeply love your subjects. You know what is best for your subjects, and instead of imposing it without explanation you show your subjects why it is in their best interest.


Sometimes my relationship is that of superhero and sidekick, sometimes my relationship is that of teacher and student, sometimes friend and friend, but all the time I am the benevolent leader. My dogs love this security, because it has proven consistent.